Visit Information

All medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology visits must be paid at the time of service.

Our direct care model decreases costs by cutting out the overhead that comes with insurance companies and regulations. The cost of your complete visit is often no more than most people's PPO co-insurance or specialty copay, and you know exactly what these costs are before services are rendered.

What is Direct Pay?

Most people don't realize but when you pay into an insurance either through the marketplace or from your employer, you are paying for the potential of needing medical services. For a lot of people, paying for health insurance may be paying for a lot of services you may not ever use. The cost for your health insurance is not free: you pay for it either directly or it's taken out of your paycheck. Moreover, most people do not understand copays, coinsurances, or deductibles and how those affect what they pay their doctor for their visit. Patients with very high deductibles who are generally healthy may never meet their deductible and are financially responsible for paying every doctor visit, at insurance rates, which are sometimes much higher than self-pay or direct-pay rates.

This is where direct pay can help with saving you money and getting better quality care. In the direct pay model, all medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology mobile visits must be paid at the time of service. You only pay for what service you need. The doctor doesn't have to spend money on the overhead incurred with a business that takes insurances so the savings and lower cost is passed on to the patient.

My direct care model is simple. You pay for high quality service. I take the time you need to discuss your dermatological issues. You'll know what my fees are before I see you. There are no hidden fees, no surprise bills, no co-pays or insurance cards. Just straightforward medical or cosmetic dermatology care when you need it. We are excited to start offering a membership plan soon!