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    We are a direct-pay practice;we do not take insurance or process your visit through insurance.We have straight-forward monthly pricing that includes weigh-ins,blood pressure check,a wellness assessment and medical visit with the doctor,and injection of the medication semaglutide.Since we also collaborate with a virtual dietitian,we highly encourage every patient on a weight loss program to meet with our virtual nutritionist for counseling as this will increase sucesss of the program.Our new patient in person medical visit is approx 30 min long and is $375.We go over all the necessary information about the weight loss program,go over all relevant medical and family history,measure your weight,take a body photo,waist measurement,BMI,blood pressure and determine your healthy weight loss goals.You will also receive blood work to check for certain labs to make sure you're a candidate for the medication semaglutide. Once we receive the lab work back, you will be able to schedule the monthly medical visits with the board certified obesity doctor. The wellness assessments, weight and blood pressure checks and semaglutide weekly injections will be $80 weekly with Dr. Kupetsky.

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