Skinfit Personalized Skin Care

SkinFit Personalized Skin Care

Healthy skin from within

SkinFitTM is a unique physician-ordered genetic test for a wide range of skin types. The genes analyzed are associated with predispositions for skin photoaging, oxidative stress, wrinkling and various important skin conditions. The test also includes markers for dietary micronutrients known to promote skin health. It's personalized skin care! Your dermatologist will do the test in office and results are available in about 2-3 weeks.

Skin Nutritional Needs: SkinFitTM tests for markers associated with propensity to develop specific vitamin deficiency. Many of these deficiencies have been associated with dermatitis.

Skin Photoaging: SkinFitTM reports on a patient's predisposition to sun sensitivity as well as lentigines (sun spots), ephelides (freckles) and wrinkles, which are all indications of photoaging.

Skin Inflammation and Allergy Risk: Specific genes and markers are included concerning atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea.

Skin Texture and Elasticity: SkinFitTM tests for markers associated with cellulite, striae distensae (stretch marks) and varicose veins, among others, and provides recommendations for treatment to the physician.

Skin Moisture and Hydration Factor: SkinFitTM analyzes genes associated with ichthyosis (disorders of dry, scaly skin) as well as skin hydration, which enables physicians to assist their patients in proactively starting anti- aging treatments and nutrition to maintain moisture levels.

Skin Oxidation Protection: Several genes analyzed on SkinFitTM test provide information concerning patient's antioxidant response.

Skin Glycation: Glycation is a process by which sugar molecules link to proteins within the skin cells and form Advanced Glycation End (AGE) products. These products can lead to loose, cracked and thinned skin. SkinFitTM analyzes markers in genes associated with glycation protection.

With these results, your dermatologist can build a personal skin care and dietary regimen that suites your personalized needs.