Medical Concierge Services

Medical Dermatology Wellness Membership:

Insurance coverage policies for dermatologic disorders are complex and highly variable, with many exclusions depending on the plan. The main guideline for whether insurance will pay for a procedure, treatment, or even a diagnostic test is generally the rule of medical necessity. In the field of dermatology, many issues fall into a gray area that excludes coverage, despite indications of pain, psychosocial distress, and even depression. Coverage limitations and high deductibles leave many patients having to pay out-of-pocket for dermatologic care; as a result, we are exploring new models for delivering care that patients are willing to pay for.

For those with high deductibles or no insurance or with the desire to have personalized care that is not hampered by a third-party payer Wellness Dermatology offers our Medical Dermatology Wellness A-La-Carte and Membership Pricing.

1) A-La-Carte Service: pay-as-you-go for the services you need! Applicable for children and adults.

a. Medical office visit: $185 (new patient), and $100 for follow-ups.

1. This includes a body skin check or addressing 1 major issue/complaint or 2 minor issues/complaints. Approximately 5 - 10 min.
b. Cosmetic Biopsy: $200 per shave biopsy/removal; $300 for complete removal with stitches (punch biopsy).

c. Pathology Biopsy: $120 per biopsy

d. Skin Tags: start at $120

e. Destruction of Warts or benign or pre-cancerous keratoses with Liquid Nitrogen: start at $120

2) Basic Medical Dermatology Concierge:

a. 1 skin check per year (skin cancer check/screening)

b. Up to 4 medical visits per year

c. Up to 2 teledermatology visits per year for any reason

d. Unlimited secure emails to doctor/staff

e. Up to 4 pathologic biopsies per year

f. Up to 2 cosmetic biopsies per year

g. Up to 15 uses for liquid nitrogen (for pathologic or cosmetic reasons)

h. Up to 10 skin tags removal with scissors.

Price: $1750 per year (saving $699)

Add on Visits for any reason: $100

We also have a medical and cosmetic concierge plan and a plan that includes basic surgery (cyst removal, skin cancer surgery, mole removal, etc). Wellness Dermatology can also tailor a plan for the specific needs of your family.

Note: policy and services do not roll over if not used, they expire at the end of each year (12 months from the date of signing) and cannot be transferred, exchanged, or used by someone else than the policyholder. A discount will be given for resigning at the end of each year. Payment for the a-la-carte services are due the day of services rendered and payment for the membership is due in full upon signing."

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